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Lemon Coconut Cake with Cream Cheese Topping

by KitchenRebel on November 29, 2015

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I was craving soft yellow cake or cheesecake. I couldn’t decide which, and I didn’t have many baking ingredients on hand. I had only one package of cream cheese and a couple of lemons.  So I decided to experiment a little..

I started making a lemon cake, and then I found some coconut, so my lemon cake became a lemon coconut cake that turned out beautifully moist and flavourful.  I made a cheesecake filling without the eggs to top the cake with. Yellow cake and cheesecake all in one!

This was one of those recipes that turned out so perfectly I wish I paid attention to what I was doing so I could make it again.  Sometimes the yummiest things happen when I’m experimenting and they happen almost by accident. Happy accidents are often so hard to repeat.


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