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Sexy Soup

by KitchenRebel on December 1, 2015

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I love family style eating.  Two of the most memorable meals of my life was in Egypt and Swaziland..

I sat on the floor covered with newspaper, sharing a meal with a family in Egypt.  A huge metal platter of rice in the center of the newspaper ‘tablecloth’ and several dishes around the huge mound of rice.  You just dug in with your right hand, taking some rice and some of the mostly vegetable side dishes. Meat was precious. The grandmother sat at the head of the ‘table’. She would fling pieces of meat to the children, and when she flung some meat at me I felt so special, like part of the family. I can’t imagine any other situation where I’m eating off the floor and someone throws meat at me and it makes me feel grateful and special.

In Swaziland, in public square, I saw a couple having dinner together. I was mesmerized and couldn’t stop watching them. They fed each other every bite of the meal. It was the most intimate, sensual and sexy thing I had ever seen.

I love eating and really sharing food together.

So I made a big sourdough bread bowl and clam chowder for a special date-night-at-home dinner.  I bet you didn’t know soup could be a romantic intimate experience.

Well, neither did hubby.

He seemed to think a big shared bowl of clam chowder, one of his favourite soups, was a challenge to ‘out-eat’ me.

He ate most of the chowder.  The term ‘inhaled his food’ comes to mind.  There was nothing romantic about it. His shirt and beard was splattered with chowder, it wasn’t pretty, but the sheepish satisfied look on his face was downright adorable.

A food coma ensued and upon waking he’s first words were, “Is it dinner time yet? Can we have more chowder?”