Invictus – No Fear

by KitchenRebel on November 14, 2017

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This song helps and heals me in ways I can’t even begin to express. It gives me strength and inspiration. I have been knocked down, literally on the ground, and this song is what gave me the strength to get up. It’s my mantra, my prayer. This song saved my life.

Madiba put it so perfectly, so I proudly use his words to describe what this means to me.

How do we inspire ourselves to greatness when nothing less will do? How do we inspire everyone around us? I sometimes think it is by using the work of others.  When things get very bad, I find inspiration in a poem. An Aarophat poem. Just words.  But they help me to stand when all I want to do is to lay down.


Sometimes I feel the dawn just as dim as the dusk,
Up in the sky all these black clouds following us and never go by
Niggas got motive
Don’t know who to trust
Even friendly eyes disguise what they want from a bruh,

And so I try to keep my head to the heavens
Watching the ground on my paseo
Staying focused on my j-o til its k-o’ed
As days go flying
Look at the speed of time,
It’s mind blowing
One minute your grind’s going, next you’re grey and old

Seems like aint nothing in your favor
After everything you pray for folds
Like the summer turns cold
The ice covers your life
Until youre sliding off the road
And you vie for control, to put some light up in your soul
And so I thank the gods for making me unconquerable
I know the damage all this darkness will do
True it’s against all odds
Only the sharpness of your tools will walk you through,
I know its hard to do but

No matter what we gonna be right here
Thru all the wrath and all the tears
Unconquerable, we preserve
Invictus. No fear

I know I’m tired of waiting on happiness hibernating,
Praying it awaken
With a way I can break away from playing with satan
The struggle got my muscles shaking due to fatigue
And its hard for you to believe, without something to put your faith in

I’m walking with my face in a daze,
A zombie encased in a maze
Wondering where the key gon be,
It’s a lock on the pantry and I’m hungry
Plus I’m slimming in my denim jeans
I want to eat
Shit, I aint dieting
I’m dying, man
Got my brains in the frying pan
Feeling so much pain
Still I try again, like maybe this time I can breathe
But this hustle isn’t easy on my diaphragm

Though I enhance in spite of the enemy’s might,
I got to, and say fuck the world off the henny and pineapple
Under chance and its bludgeoning blow,
I learned how to while covered in blood
Still find no one to bow to

No matter what we gonna be right here
Thru all the wrath and all the tears
Unconquerable, we preserve
Invictus. No fear

I got this ice water all in my veins,
My DNA strains contain a will that wont wane,
Its real, but complain?
We still just don’t, man
We build our domain in silence
Against the going grain
Though the pain still shoots through my limbs
And rain putting mud stains on the roots of my timbs
I know its grim
But the mission is to drudge
And un soil the gems from the sludge
And we don’t budge
til we holding them
Within the harness of circumstances,
Whatever comes

We taking chances, to make advances
I’m done with these portions of misfortune
Living lives cost
Looking with the poorest distortions
A man gets but only one journey
So we gotta turn cheese
before we roll out covered on a gurney
Cause through it all I’m trying to see a dynasty
So that the family can live in the light eternally